Far Cry 3 is coming 2012

Far Cry 3 is a tropical survival shooter video game from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive studios, coming on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2012.

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Far Cry 2 Map -

Far Cry 2 Map - "Trainstation"

added on 21.11.2008 at 11:10

Far Cry 2Far Cry 2 Map "Trainstation"

Gamemodi: Deathmatch with up to 16 players

Description: The maps location is a trainstation with a small village, including 2 Jeeps with MG's and one car. More MG's are placed at trainstation, fuel gas station and the spire.

Created by Elroy ( neechelon@gmail.com )

Date: 21.11.2008 - 11:10
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